Five Reasons You Must Try GoodAh!!! Granada

Five Reasons You Must Try Goodah!!! Granada

Good location. Ample parking spaces. Open 24-hours in a day. Exceptional customer service. Wide food choices. Scrumptious dishes. Reasonably priced. 

These are what we usually look for in a place to enjoy a sumptuous feast. However, it is very seldom that we find everything we want in one venue. And when we’ve discovered one, surely that diner is for keeps. Hoy Anong Ganap gives us a quick tour to one awesome place where all these good qualities come together. 

Welcome to GoodAh!!! Granada branch in Quezon City. 

Good location 

As food and service are two of the most important factors to the success of a restaurant, the location, though, likewise plays as a crucial factor. Take for example the newly opened GoodAh!!! in Granada Street, Valencia, Quezon City. This All-Filipino food chain in Granada Street is situated in a bustling pedestrian street in the heart of downtown. The place is too visible to both the motorists and pedestrians, inviting the public to stop by for either a quick or leisurely feast. 

And once one enters the restaurant, GoodAh!!! Granada’s spacious and minimalist design surely make diners feel comfortable. It also has adequate space for either solo diners or a large group of family and friends. Frequent GoodAh!!! visitors may also relax over their morning meal or late dinner by creating a cozy nook at one of the diner’s many instagrammable areas. There is also a function room which is just perfect to take the stress out organizing an event and just let clients enjoy business meeting or intimate family gatherings.

Ample parking spaces 

It helps, too, that the establishment has ample parking spaces. If the customers love the food experience they had at a restaurant, surely they will figure out a parking solution if that is the hindrance. But providing plenty of parking spaces for the customers might be the key to the success of the business. It entices people to come by and try the place. 

Take for example the many available parking spaces at GoodAh!!! Granada. Customers looking for a nice place to have lunch or diner will be easily attracted to GoodAh!!!’s open parking spaces in front. There is also a visible “more parking spaces” signage inviting more walk-ins and even passersby, tourists, and businessmen to populate the restaurant. 

Open 25 hours 

The late-night hours appeal not only to the younger crowd but to almost anyone wanting quick and hot food even in the middle of the night. Or how about those typical college crowd or the call center agents who usually wake up around noon and eat dinner between 10 pm and 3 am? Extending hours doesn’t only mean late-night as morning people who wake up as early as 5 am can always drive or walk at GoodAh!!! Granada to have their tapsilog or goto. 

Exceptional customer service 

Restaurants may not survive on first-time customers alone. Walk-ins may give sales but then it is the frequent visits of loyal customers that usually help many diners to grow. The key to any food business, after all, is customer loyalty. Word-of-mouth and social media postings play a lot in the success of a food business. And good food alone is not what drives loyalty but also exceptional customer service. This is what GoodAh!!! Granada staff are known for – approachable and amiable. 

A good variety of food and scrumptious dishes 

While GoodAh!!! is known for creating the famous silog meals, Goto, and pares, the All-Filipino food chain also offers comfort food favorites that are best enjoyed any time of the day. 

As we look at the menu, we would readily see the variety that the restaurant has to offer. After all, we have different tastes. Different dishes that can accommodate that various taste would mean satisfying everyone’s craving for something. 

Experimental foodies, too, may enjoy exploring dishes they haven’t heard before. But at GoodAh!!!, who would go wrong with its Crispy Pata, Fried Chicken, Sinigang na Bangus, and Kare-Kare. Everything is just so scrumptious and can definitely feed a big batch. 

The Palabok, Chopsuey, and Pork Binagoongan are also good for sharing and would be a great addition to any big order. GoodAh!!! also offers freshly brewed French Press Coffee for those needing to raise their energy and alertness for a few hours. Or we can always check out a variety of dessert classic from Halo-Halo, Mais con Yelo, Manga con Yelo or Buko Pandan. Though we have a better excuse not to chow down on those mouthwatering desserts, Goodah!!!’s offerings are just too irresistible. Let us just make sure not to do it every day or take a stroll after our feast. We deserve one good treat at a reasonable price, and there’s no better place to have it than at Goodah!!! Granada. 

The new store features a modern fa├žade, highlighted by red accents of the same color as the G! logo that invites everyone to satisfy their deep cravings for Filipino comfort food. 

Now, here’s a great treat for all Hoy Anong Ganap readers. Just present the coupon find below before you dine in at Goodah!!! Granada and you will get an exclusive 10% discount. This coupon is valid until August 31, 2019, and can be used at your any Goodah purchases at the Granada branch. You may either show the coupon through your android phone, print it, or a screenshot would do. 

So, how about head now at Goodah Granada, and feast on some of your favorite Filipino dishes? You may also order online through, Or GrabFood and get that craving satisfied. The delivery hotline number is 4-707070 for all GoodAh!!! branches and (0955) 588-5295 for Goodah!!! Granada branch.

Happy Feasting! 

Where to find the other GoodAh!!! branches?  Timog, Sucat, Bicutan, MetroWalk, Eastwood, and Market! Market!