Health Benefits of Donating Blood

Your blood can save lives. We often see on social media people asking for blood donation. The Philippine Red Cross has been continuously knocking on every Filipino's kind heart to voluntarily donate blood to keep up with the demand.  July is declared National Blood Donor's Month and several organizations, private corporations, universities and municipalities have been holding their own blood donation drive to support the Philippine Red Cross in collecting safe blood for those who will need it in the future.

Marikina, ang lungsod ng may mga mabubuting ugali, encourages every Marikeño to be a hero and help save lives. The City Government of Marikina, Marikina City Health Office, MARIKINA NEWS, and Philippine Blood Center are joining forces to help meet the increasing demand for blood.

On July 28, 2019 (Sunday), every healthy Marikeño qualified to donate blood is encouraged to drop by the Marikina Convention Center from 8am to 3pm to participate in the citywide blood donation campaign.

Aside from the life you can save from donating blood, there are also health benefits for the donor. A study revealed that donating blood can lower the risk of suffering a heart attack. Through blood donation, you can reduce your body's extra stored iron. According to health care experts, high levels of iron in the blood constrict the blood vessels making you susceptible to heart attack.

Too much iron can also affect your liver. There are factors damaging the liver that are non-alcoholic in nature and iron overload is one of them. 

Donating blood also helps your mental health. Knowing that you will be able to help someone in need and even save a life have a positive effect. It brings you happiness and makes you feel good when you do something good for others. This act of kindness reduces loneliness, stress, and depression.