4 Healthier Ways to Indulge in Desserts with MAYA

January has passed and you still haven't started your fitness resolution. Now that summer is here, you are more than ready with your fitness goal. And if you think your favorite desserts should be the first items to drop from your diet, better reconsider. Opt for smart choices instead. You do not have to skip the sweet stuff entirely. Take your cues from MAYA with these great tips.

DIY desserts

Making your own treats is a good option as you can control both the ingredients and portions. Better serve your desserts in small containers to help manage your sugar intake during meals.

Go for whole wheat

Instead of regular refined flour, opt for whole wheat. MAYA's ThinkHeart line, for instance, is a healthier alternative that can still satisfy your cravings. The MAYA Whole Wheat Carrot Mix and Whole Wheat Pancake Mix are both easy, quick, and delish desserts packed with dietary fiber from whole wheat. Such an ingredient will keep you fit and help lower your risk of heart disease.

Less processed food

Better opt for less processed food. The MAYA Whole Wheat Pancake Mix, for instance, uses muscovado sugar which is considered the purest form of sugar. It is filled with essential nutritional compounds like calcium, potassium. iron, zinc, proteins, and antioxidants. These compounds are usually filtered out in the process of making white sugar. To add, the MAYA Whole Wheat Carrot Cake contains zero-gram trans-fat, iron, and no cholesterol.

Learn new guilt-free recipes

You may also try whipping out guilt-free desserts and use the new Guilt-free Desserts cookbook from MAYA. The cookbook consists of 30 delicious recipes using healthier alternatives with the same satisfying sweet taste. From substituting fruits for frosting to adding nuts to your pancakes for extra fiber, the handy guide offers many ways to enjoy traditional treats without feeling guilty.

Making healthy desserts may seem fancy and intimidating, but with MAYA, it is now easy to whip up delectable and guilt-free treats in your own kitchen to stay fit and ready for the season.