Pampers #BetterForBaby Advocacy Supports Baby's Movement

Pampers and Celebrity mom, Sarah Lahbati, led over 100 moms as they took their pledge for the Pampers #BetterForBaby Movement. The advocacy is a call-to-action for every Filipino moms to help their babies enjoy unhindered play and movement. With such freedom, each child can happily see and explore the world.  And one way of enjoying that kind of freedom is by wearing less lawlaw diapers like Pampers. 

The mom of two shared that she was so excited with the launch of the #BetterforBaby campaign. She stressed that the more babies play and move, the more it helps them develop their skills. Thus, she encourages moms like her to pay close attention to the small yet critical things that can help babies move better, such as the right diaper. Sarah chose Pampers for Zion, and even now with Kai. She knows they can move better and with greater ease because Pampers is less lawlaw compared to other brands. 

A panel of experts also shared the stage with Sarah. Each talked about the importance of movement for baby’s development. They also discussed various ways family members can help with babies' development. Among the tips they shared were giving the little ones plenty of time to play and promoting for more galaw-friendly public spaces. They also encourage parents to opt for a less lawlaw diaper to encourage babies to move comfortably. 

President of Mother and Child Nursing Association of the Philippines Ms. Bambi Borneo, shared that 2-3 hours of playtime and exercise for babies during the day helps them develop physically and cognitively. She also stressed the importance of a good diaper as babies can move comfortably on it without much bulk hindering their movement.

Pampers likewise unveiled the microsite at the launch. Those who want to show support for the advocacy can share the badge. They can also share stories of how they are making life #BetterForBaby. Each shared badge and story would add up, and for 10,000 points and more, Pampers will donate newborn kits and galaw-friendly play areas to hospitals across the country. 30,000 points means enabling Pampers to give to five chosen hospitals across the Philippines. Those who join can also get a chance to win up to three months’ supply of Pampers. 

Most of those in the event signed up for the #BetterForBaby Movement. Ms. Ragene Palma, Urban Planner and one of the panelists of the event, shared, “Thanks to Pampers #BetterforBaby, we can raise awareness of how important movement is for a baby’s overall development. We can create more galaw-friendly spaces in more communities which is crucial in aiding in the development of babies.” 

There are many ways that the general public can support this advocacy: 
  • Watch this online video and share it via social media:
  • Share the Pampers #BetterForBaby badge to show support for the movement:
  • Share a personal story on the site, or how you have used less lawlaw diapers for your baby 

While each baby moves and learns at their own pace, it is everyone’s job to make sure we let each baby be free to move as freely as they please. Through the #BetterforBaby movement and through advocating for less lawlaw diapers, Pampers and Sarah hopes everyone can do their part to make life better for baby.