Discover your kids' digital artistic skills with Basecamp’s ‘Creativity Camp’ workshop series

Kids and teens nowadays exhibit remarkable proficiency in digital technology. Their natural adaptability and early exposure to screens significantly contribute to their digital fluency. To nurture their skills further, Power Mac Center (PMC), through its official training arm Basecamp, has launched Creativity Camp: Workshop for Kids & Teens

The primary goal of the program is to empower young learners and foster their digital creativity and critical thinking skills. Creativity Camp provides engaging and age-appropriate digital courses covering topics such as digital art, calligraphy, coding, 3D design, and graphic design, as well as non-digital courses focused on painting and drawing. These training sessions are scheduled to commence in April and continue until July, welcoming children aged 6 to 15.

“Basecamp blends digital and non-digital skills, offering valuable educational experiences for kids and teens during their school break. Whether they’re delving into coding, creating digital art, or honing their painting and drawing techniques, these workshops cultivate a diverse learning environment. We invite parents to enroll their kids and teenagers in any of our workshops to not only enhance their technical abilities but also deepen their appreciation for creativity and self-expression,” said Maleng Raysag, Basecamp’s head.

Artistry Unleashed: iPad Edition

Young creators will embark on an exhilarating journey into the world of digital art using iPads. Unleash your kid’s artistic potential with the “Draw and Share on iPad” course. This program enables kids and teens to make digital art and craft impactful posters with meaningful messages. Meanwhile, “Calligraphy on iPad” will help young artists refine their handwriting skills so they can merge calligraphy’s timeless elegance with modern technology.

Does your grade schooler enjoy discovering new apps? Why not teach them to code their own? “Code and Play with Hopscotch on iPad” is an engaging workshop tailored for young learners, allowing them to have fun while honing essential coding abilities.

Honing digital skills using Mac

Creativity Camp also offers “3D Art on Mac,” allowing kids and teens to transform their ideas into 3D masterpieces. By the end of the sessions, they will have developed the discipline and expertise to produce remarkable three-dimensional visuals.

Explore the realm of graphic design with the “Canva Graphics on Mac” program. Whether your kid is creating for educational endeavors or personal projects, this workshop ensures that the design process is both captivating and enjoyable. Enroll your teen in the “Code and Create on Mac” workshop and watch them learn to spearhead their own coding projects.

Non-digital prowess

If your kids yearn for a more traditional and hands-on creative experience, look no further than Creativity Camp. Basecamp offers two exciting workshops that will spark your child’s imagination.

Kids can enroll in the “Coffee Painting” workshop, where they’ll explore their artistic side using this unconventional and eco-friendly medium. As they create, they’ll be enveloped in the rich aromas of coffee, adding an extra layer of sensory delight to their artistic journey.

Meanwhile, the “3D Pen Magic” program employs seemingly magical pens to transform kids’ two-dimensional drawings into cool, original three-dimensional objects.

Creativity Camp courses are priced at P5,500 per student per course. Each course spans four days, with two-hour sessions each day. Additionally, Basecamp also offers a package deal priced at P15,000 per student, which includes any three courses, with a total duration of 12 days, maintaining the same two-hour sessions each day. Visit <> for the full schedule.

Reservation is on a first-come, first-served basis. Parents need to fill out the online registration form and make a payment via bank deposit. Once submitted, participants will receive an email confirming their registration along with all the essential workshop details. Note that slots for face-to-face classes are limited to only 10 students per session. The Basecamp training center is located at 3/L Glorietta 5, Ayala Center, Makati City. 

Ready to spark your kids’ curiosity and cultivate their creativity? Book a course now via <> or +63 908 885 6277. Follow Power Mac Center on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube to be updated on promotions and special deals on Basecamp training fees.