Ang Batang Matibay, may Tibay Matuto sa Buhay

Bear Brand empowers every Filipino child to embrace lifelong learning from school and life in its newest campaign

In the Philippines, doing well in school is believed to be the key to having a better future. However, learning in life is equally as important. A child's strength of character is shaped not only by the lessons they learn in the classroom, but also by the lessons they learn in life. Together, these lessons give them strength to build a strong tomorrow, which is the message BEAR BRAND imparts in its newest TV commercial.

The campaign highlights the importance of “Tibay Matuto sa Buhay” with a little girl as the protagonist of the story. She starts her day with a glass of BEAR BRAND Powdered Milk prepared by her mom, followed by scenes of her not only learning in school, but also in life. There are many instances in life where a child can learn to do what is right, to have courage, and determination to power through challenges, like what the character exhibited in the commercial when she returned the money that a seller dropped on the street and helped a kid that was being bullied. These are circumstances that truly demonstrate what a Batang Matibay is.

Bear Brand has always remained committed to building generations of Batang Matibay. That’s why it remains as moms’ trusted partner in raising children who have the strength of mind, body, and will with the essential Tibay nutrition with Tibay-Resistensya and Tibay Katawan Nutrients that every glass of BEAR BRAND provides.

Follow the story about the importance of lifelong learning in building a Batang Matibay. Watch BEAR BRAND’s newest TV commercial in this link.