3 Reasons Why You’ll Need Affordable Fund Transfer Fees

 Affordable Fund Transfer Fees

No matter the reason, it’s easier and more hassle-free with EastWest’s low transaction fees

Sending funds online has become more of a necessity in this digital world. The ongoing presence of the pandemic and the press of busy schedules can make going to banks increasingly difficult. This is where easy and affordable online fund transfer systems can come in. With an app like this in hand, you can take control of your time and process your fund transfer needs easily online.

1. Transfer Money to Anyone With Ease

Whether you need to send money to your loved ones or to anyone else for a simple transaction, one of the easiest ways to do it is through a bank transfer. Online and mobile banking make sending money easier in a few simple taps or clicks. And this can be done in the convenience of your own home or even from your workplace. You can easily reclaim any time lost when you had to physically go to banks and line up at crowded counters before.

2. Skip the Lines and Go Online Shopping

Many online apps and services for food and goods also require a reliable online fund transfer system. You can quickly gain access to all your favorite meals and items by completing your purchases via fund transfers. This way, you can have more control over your choices by being able to access multiple options when looking for exactly what you want, when you want it.

3. Pay Bills Easily and Conveniently

Another perk that you gain when you have a reliable online fund transfer app is the ability to pay your bills online. There will no longer be a need for you go to separate utility centers or payment outlets. All you need to do is select the necessary utility service on your app and pay online with ease.

With all the fund transfers you’ll be doing, transaction fees could add up to a significant amount. These are resources that you could have otherwise saved or allocated for other expenses. It is best to have a bank that has low online transfer fees that work in your favor. And low transfer fees are what you will exactly get when you send money with EastWest. Their fund transfers via InstaPay have a low transaction fee of only P10. Additionally, for other planned remittances and scheduled expenses, PESONet remains to be free! With these services, you will no longer be forced to pay steep fees when purchasing or transferring funds online.

You can now easily take control over your spending with EastWest’s low bank transfer fees! If you don’t have an EastWest account yet, visit https://www.eastwestbanker.com/easyway/account-opening for a faster and safer way to open an account. For more info and updates, follow EastWest on Facebook at facebook.com/eastwestbanker.