Akalain Mo 'Yun Part 2: Mayonnaise Live at the Music Museum

Akalain mo yun! The first major concert of pop-rock band Mayonnaise was a tremendous success they are now set to perform a sequel. Akalain Mo Yun Part 2 is definitely more exciting as the band brings new musical arrangements and special collaborations to make you want for more.

“We’re always willing to take up the challenge of not repeating ourselves,” lead singer and guitarist Monty Macalino said. “Expect the second run to be more open to musical possibilities. We’re also excited to work with some of our esteemed peers in the local music scene.”

For the second time, Mayonnaise is slated to perform their greatest hits and rarities with support by The Manila String Machine—a musical ensemble known for their captivating, string-laden performances and mood-setting soundscapes. 

The Tayo Na Lang Dalawa hitmakers will also be joined by a stellar batch of guests, including alternative rock icons Barbie Almalbis, Champ Lui Pio of Hale, and I Belong To The Zoo.

Produced by One Music and Gabi Na Naman Productions, and in partnership with Mango Mama, Fluffy Stuff, and Papa Tea, Mayonnaise’s sophomore concert will run on September 7, Saturday at the Music Museum, from 7:30pm onwards.

Tickets are available via bit.ly/AkalainMoYun2019 and ktx.abs-cbn.com, or you may contact Music Museum at 721 0635 / 721 6726.