Sun Talks on Life, Health and Wealth

Last June 4, 2019, we were privileged to attend Sun Life Sun Talks which talked about Life, Health and Wealth solutions to assist us in our journey towards financial freedom. As Sun Life celebrate Financial Independence Month, they launched campaign to open the eyes of more Filipinos that there is a need to create a more holistic and hardworking financial plan and they are ready to serve this need.

Speakers Sara Black, Messy Bessy CEO Krie Lopez and Brother Bo Sanchez each shared aspiring and inspiring talks on their journey toward financial independence.

Sara Black

Looking at this healthy girl in front us, you wouldn’t know that she had had a health scare prompting her to start her journey on wellness. Having suffered a breast cancer scare and a multiple hip fracture, the model turned photographer inspired us to think about wellness and how we should take good care not only of our body but also of mind as we need the kind of peace toward our journey to wellness
Krie Lopez

There’s only a few company in the world which take good care of its staff especially those who have lesser in life and inspire them to be lead a better life. The CEO of Messy Bessy Cleaners, Inc. a line of organic household and personal care products, Ms. Krie Lopez decided to accept the socio-economic challenge of helping the disadvantaged and showing them the way to build their self-esteem and providing them the skills they will need in the future.
Messy Bessy offers strict trainings especially to those at-risk youths to be more prepared for their future and start their journey to be independent.
Brother Bo Sanchez

Always the charismatic one, the brother of my former Boss has always been the kindest person I’ve met in my whole life. Inspiring as always, he talked about how he helped others even at a young age and insist that we have wealth at our disposal so that we can share some love to those who need it. He is also an advocate to help the elderly and the abandoned ones with his Anawin Lay Missions Foundation.
During his Sun Talks, he shares how he helped and teached his kasambahay in their financial journey. Imagine how two of them is now a millionaire because they took good care of their finances.
Just like Sun Life, the three speakers have each their own life, health and wealth solutions making them ready for anything that might happen in the future.

If you want to start your financial journey and be financially independent, one way of getting ready is to start investing. Did you know that you can opt to invest in the Sun Life Prosperity Achiever Funds from Sun Life Asset Management Inc. (SLAMCI)?

The first ever target date investment funds in the Philippines, these funds are designed to help investors achieve their goals on time with the minimum investment at only P1,000. This Sun Life’s peso-denominated funds is also available in P5,000 denominations.

What more, Sun Life is also created the Sun Future Planner, a comprehensive financial planning guide that would help one determine his life stage, analyze his needs, and take concrete steps to achieve his goals.

This will help you keep track in pursuing their life, health, and wealth goals.The Sun Future Planner may be availed via a Sun Life advisor.

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