Show your love by making it a Turksday

It wouldn't hurt if we reward our family and friends from time to time. A simple gesture of asking them how they are is more than enough to show our love and appreciation. Saying “I love you” would surely be highly appreciated. A warm kiss and a sincere hug are another way to let them feel they are loved.

For Filipinos, the gesture of bringing home a pasalubong is a common way to show we care for our loved ones. Especially for our children and our wife left at home to manage the household, bringing home a bag of goodies for them will surely make them feel they are appreciated. Pasalubong always works to tickle the hearts of the young ones. It also sparks joy in the heart of the wife.

Showing our love for our family, though, does not have to be expensive. That is how dependable Turks is in bringing a smile on the faces of our loved ones when they see us holding a bag of Turks goodies. For as low as P35, we can take home a Small Pita Doner. A Doner Rice Bowl priced at P50 is also just enough to satisfy the craving for a delicious chicken or beef Turks shawarma. 

For a more satisfying Turks gravings, we may always take home a regular Pita Doner or any of the Turks premium rice meals. The Doner on Rice, Hotdog Doner on Rice, or Steak Doner are all filling meal which our loved ones would surely appreciate.

The combination of fresh cucumber, onion, and tomato on doner dishes give the meal a crispy texture, while the juicy beef and chicken make all the flavors explode in our mouth.

With Turks, the budget won’t be a problem since Turks meals are affordable. Likewise, we are guaranteed that all meals are made from quality beef or chicken and fresh ingredients will surely be appreciated that are meticulously prepared.

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