Portraits Of Phuket: Where To Go, What To Do From Sunrise To Sundown

Portraits Of Phuket: Where To Go, What To Do From Sunrise To Sundown

Summer is in full swing and its’ high time to get your much-needed dose of sun, wind, and waves. Picture-perfect, tranquil seascapes are often first in your mind for your summer adventures, but when the sun goes down, the search is on for the most colorful nightlife and vibrant party scenes. If these are what you’re looking for this summer, the island of Phuket is sure to give you a summer you won’t forget.

With its wide array of pristine beaches, party hotspots, and must-try restaurants to choose from, Phuket allows you to create your ultimate fusion of sights, sounds, and experiences. It gives you the perfect backdrop for discovering your own Thailand, whether you’re seeking solitude or looking for a rush of adrenaline.

Choosing A Beach

Phuket is home to some of Thailand’s most picture-perfect islands and beaches. Some are perfect for underwater adventures, some for parties, and some for sunbathing sessions.

The 300-meter long strip of fine white sand in Freedom Beach, for example, lets you relish your solitude since it has none of the usual parasailing, jet skis, and other water activities common in busier beaches. If a diving adventure is what you seek, the isolated Racha Noi is home to manta rays, reef fish, whale sharks, and a shipwreck that you would love to see for sure.

Should you want to party right after having your fill of sun and waves, there are several beach clubs for you to choose from. At Xana Beach Club on Bangtao Beach, the beach restaurant transforms into a hip club after sundown. Here you can indulge in a selection of European, Mediterranean, and Thai Cuisine. The Paradise Beach Club in Patong is also a must-try since it’s the only place in Phuket where you can experience full moon parties.

Night Time Adventures

While a beach party is the closest thing you can have to a nightlife adventure, wandering deeper into Phuket after sunset will lead to discoveries of more bars and clubs, which are plenty on Soi Bangla. At the heart of the nightlife entertainment area, you can find one of the most impressive night spots in Patong Beach: the Illuzion Show & Discotheque, where you can catch shows that range from DJ live performances to theatrical aerial performances.

If a more relaxed ambiance is what you seek from late mornings to early hours, the compact and open-sided Kangaroo Bar, which spills to Soi Bangla itself, is a must-try. Kangaroo Bar is a plus if you have a fascination for vintage and classic vibes. This is because Kangaroo Bar houses a collection of CDs played by the appropriately-named DJ Song. Along the walls, you can take delight in the Polaroid shots of happy-looking customers.

A Taste Of Thai Gastronomy

Phuket’s beaches are already home to some of the island’s well-known restaurants, but if you want a more unique gastronomic adventure, a floating restaurant is something you can’t miss. Floating restaurants, which can be found in the eastern coast of Phuket, let you enjoy breathtaking seascape views while you feast on fresh fishermen’s catch that include huge oysters, crabs, and shrimps prepared in different decadent ways.

While beaches and bars can create much of your planned Phuket experience, this island in the Land of Smiles still has a lot of surprises in store. However, you plan to design your #THAImazing story, a summer in Phuket is sure to give you a most satisfying feast for the senses. Perhaps Phuket can even be the starting point for a grand Southeast Asian adventure you might want to do this summer, where you get to experience the culture and wonders of other countries in the region.

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