Andok's Champions #HourMama

Andok's Champions #HourMama

When was the last time we had a moment with our mom laughing out loud or just spending some real quality time with her?

This question was what prompted popular Litson Manok chain Andok’s to take a back-to-basics observance of Mother’s Day. Dubbed as #HourMama, Andok’s campaign encourages individuals to dedicate even an hour of uninterrupted bonding time with their mother. Andok’s aims to encourage families to disconnect from their mobile devices and create memories with their moms on their special day. And as everyone sees the positive effect of this activity, they will find it in their heart to practice it even beyond Mother's Day.

As technology has undoubtedly brought great help and convenience to many, it somehow has become so powerful that a lot of young and old spend more than with their laptop, cellphone, and tablet than with their family. 

This challenge inspired Andok's to coin from Wifi to WaFi (walang Wifi) and create #HourMama. The gift of being present for our loved ones, after all, is by far the noblest thing we could give our family. Creating new core memories with the people around us is such a beautiful way to boost everyone's confidence that they are loved, appreciated, and valued. 

The campaign kicked off at Andok’s branch in Makati Avenue where customers and guests went offline from 12 noon to 1 pm. With no mobile phones with them, they were forced to connect with their loved ones in the restaurant. Fueling these personal and live interactions among families is the signature taste of Andok’s offerings, allowing the families to punctuate their connections with Andok’s iconic dishes.

“Andok’s has always been about doing things with heart and appreciation. With #HourMama, we aim to not just have a heart-to-heart connection with our valued customers but to build meaningful relationships and memories within families. We are hoping this activity will pave the way to more observances of #HourMama as our fellow Filipinos spend more quality and uninterrupted time with their moms – even beyond Mother’s Day. Of course, this is best done with the offerings of Andok’s that we’ve all come to know and love,” said Maverick Javier, Executive Vice President of Andok’s Litson Corporation.

Andok's Champions #HourMama

Again, how do you bond with your mom? Or when was the last time you spent time with her? Maybe, it wouldn't hurt if we get to spend an hour with our mother for a week or two until it becomes a habit. After all, they deserve the time and attention.