Satisfy your cravings with Viber’s FoodPH

This Christmas, find new food shops and sellers to support through this new directory on Viber 

‘Tis finally the most wonderful time of the year! This only means that the coming days are going to be filled with celebrations. While they’re a bit more pared down now than the previous years, food will always be part of the Christmas list—whether you’re buying food to complete your holiday spread or to give to your loved ones. But this year, you’re likely inclined to choose to support small or local food businesses and have your orders delivered for everyone’s health and safety. 

Let FoodPH, the official food directory on Viber, help you as it aggregates or collects dishes and other food products from micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and puts them in a single directory that you can easily navigate through. Through FoodPH, you can search for a specific type of food—full meals, snacks, or desserts--you’re looking for using your Viber. You can also find something from a certain cuisine you’re craving—from Asian dishes to European choices. This directory also allows you to filter your suggested food choices based on your location for your utmost convenience. 

But FoodPH offers more than just convenience. Since Viber is a secure platform, you can rest assured that you’re transacting and sharing personal information like bank details with an MSME in the safest way possible, making you less vulnerable to identity theft and other data privacy threats. 

Apart from making it easier also for consumers to search for new and local items for the holidays, FoodPH also supports local MSMEs by helping them get more reach and visibility on a larger platform, so they get discovered more without having to beat algorithms and spend more on advertising. MSMEs that are part of FoodPH are sourced and accredited by Viber as merchants. Some of them also got to be listed through the help of Globe MyBusiness. 

There’s an incredible and exciting variety of home made dishes and delicacies you can discover from all the merchants in FoodPH. There are Filipino flavors at your fingertips, from Pinoy kakanin and desserts to sisig, lechon belly, and other savory favorites for Noche Buena. Discover sellers from beyond your city, too—authentic local vendors from as far as Cabanatuan and Davao City are in FoodPH. International dishes are also available: Japanese takoyaki, Spanish churros, Thai curries, Italian pastas and more. There is even milk tea, fruit juices and coffee for those looking for refreshing beverages to pair with their meals. 

“We’re very excited to have rolled out FoodPH just in time for the holidays. Christmas is really an important season for Filipinos, but we understand that some things may be different this year. With this new directory, we hope we can help lighten their load during the holidays. We also hope that we’ll be able to help MSMEs bounce back from the effects of the pandemic with this new feature,” says Anna Znamenskaya, Chief Growth Officer of Rakuten Viber. “FoodPH is just a realization of Rakuten Viber’s long-time commitment to create easier and more positive mobile experiences for our users.” 

Aside from an easier time finding holiday meals on FoodPH, Viber users on Globe can send brighter and more expressive holiday greetings as they get exclusive free access to over a dozen paid sticker packs on the app for the whole month of December. Viber is also part of the GoWORK bundle for GoSURF prepaid plans, which users can customize and choose based on their lifestyle and budget. 

Make the most out of the holidays with Viber, starting with FoodPH! Subscribe to FoodPH on Viber now!