Makati Medical Center continues healthcare legacy, celebrates 51st anniversary

After more than five decades, Makati Medical Center’s (MakatiMed) commitment to provide high-quality healthcare to its patients endures. Now more than ever, on its 51st anniversary, the Hospital with a Heart continues to live by its mandate to provide compassionate care and excellent healthcare service as the world faces the health crisis of this lifetime: the COVID-19 pandemic.

MakatiMed, established by visionary doctors on May 31, 1969, leveraged its best practices throughout the years while still seeking to advance medical care, improve clinical processes, and innovate healthcare delivery in the country.

Some of the select outstanding milestones of the premier hospital in the past year include global partnerships with Parkway Hospitals Singapore (PHSPL) for the continued advancement of medical education and services between the two hospitals; the University of California Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center (UCDCCC), in a bid to boost cancer care in the Philippines; and India’s Max Hospital’s ANG Centre for Liver & Biliary Sciences, to develop a state-of-the-art liver transplant program in the country. 

The top hospital gained several notable recognitions such as the DOH30 Hospital Star Award 2019 after a rigorous evaluation of its best practices in delivering safe, quality, and appropriate healthcare services within DOH’s criteria; and the Hall of Famer in Infection Prevention and Control Hospital Best Practices, being declared the overall winner for Level 3 hospitals for upholding the highest standards in the prevention and control of healthcare-related infections. 

Aside from these awards, MakatiMed’s Department of Neurology qualified for the 2019 Q2 Gold Category Award and was recognized during the Asia Pacific Stroke Conference-WSO Regional Meeting held at SMX Convention Center; while members of the Section of Pulmonary Medicine’s training program were recognized for their achievements. MakatiMed doctors also contributed to the success of Filipino delegates at the 30th Southeast Asian (SEA) Games. 

In terms of innovations, the hospital acquired PELD (Percutaneous Endoscopic Lumbar Discectomy), a new endoscopic system that allows for a minimally invasive approach that enables patients to have a lesser chance of infection, minimal blood-loss and post-surgical pain, and faster recovery time. The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) awarded a P16.4 million grant to MakatiMed’s team of doctors and scientists for a study on the use of stem cells as treatment to wounds caused by diabetes, making it the only hospital in the Philippines to receive a DOST grant for a research on umbilical cord-derived stem cells.

2019 also marked the launch of the official MakatiMed social media pages on Facebook and Twitter. @IamMakatiMed pages feature health articles, infographics, and the Health Vodcast through Facebook Live featuring Gia B. Sison, MD as host, to promote health and wellness to a wider audience, keep followers and the general public up-to-date, and expand reach and presence in all media platforms.

Finally, MakatiMed introduced the MVP Rewards feature of its Patient ID card, with which patients may unlock deals and discounts by presenting the card to partner establishments nationwide. Along with easier and accurate registration benefits, the MakatiMed Patient ID card with the MVP Rewards sticker allows patients to earn points when they avail of the hospital’s healthcare services. 

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