Araneta City security guard returns lost wallet containing P60K

Rex Alloro, a roving security guard assigned on Center Avenue, Araneta City, is being acclaimed in social media for his honesty in returning a lost wallet containing more than P60,000 in cash.

While making his usual rounds in the morning of April 12, Alloro found a wallet in front of Julie’s Bakeshop at the Center Avenue Arcade. Upon opening the wallet, Alorro noted it contained several bank cards, ID cards and a thick wad of cash. 

Without hesitation, Alorro went to the Famers Market administration office and surrendered the wallet to his superiors. The wallet turned out to contain P60,180 and belongs to a certain Eugenio Michael O. Plana.

With the help of the other security guards on duty, they were able to locate Plana, who was still in Farmers Market after reporting his missing wallet. Upon getting back his wallet, Plana was overjoyed and offered to reward Alloro with some cash. But Alorro refused, saying he was only doing his duty.

Alloro has been working for Araneta City for the past 10 years. Details of his honest deed were posted on the official Facebook page of Araneta City on April 13, after which thousands of netizens have been continuously commending and saluting Alloro for his integrity.

For Araneta City, Alloro has set an example of exemplary honesty which the company wishes to see not just among its employees but among every Filipino, especially during these troubled times.

“Alloro is a perfect example of the kind of honest individuals who we truly need right now. We hope his incredible honesty will inspire others to do the same,” said Morriel Abogado, Vice President and Zone Manager of Araneta City said. “To be honest with everyone is the right thing to do. Together, let us emulate the example of Alorro. In a way, this will help overcome the Covid-19 crisis.”