5 delicious spots to dine in NOMA during the work week

At Assembly Grounds at The Rise, every dining option has been specially curated for North Makati’s (NOMA) hustling yuppies. From soft Japanese waffles to hearty Filipino comfort food, there’s a little something for every busy bee at this vibrant hub, a stone’s throw away for every community member. Here are just 5 of the many restaurants to grab a bite in during the work week.

Have a Korean feast over lunch break. At Premiere the Samgyupsal, enjoy an unlimited meal of tender pork and chicken, served fresh and luscious. A Korean lunch is an ideal way to draw energy for the day ahead, and with Premiere Samgyupsal’s nine delicious meat variants, delectable side dishes, and economical rates, it’s a staple for every hungry professional.

Dive into Japanese fusion. Yuki Café is no typical Japanese restaurant. There’s the usual katsudon and tempura rice toppings, but there is also spaghetti topped with spicy cod roe, butter, olive oil, and nori flakes. What really sets it apart, however, are the taiyaki: soft, fish-shaped waffles bursting with filling, whether red bean, cheese, or Nutella.

Chomp on some one-of-a-kind Japanese burgers. Expect a different kind of burger experience from Chatto Bites. These unique creations transform beloved Japanese favorites into burgers, from a Karaage burger topped with wasabi tomato sauce, to a Buta Kimchi Rice Burger, to Japanese steak drizzled with red wine sauce. Plus, with its chill, laid back vibe, the Chatto Bites in Assembly Grounds at The Rise gives diners a welcome respite from the office.

Enjoy a plate of heritage. Sometimes, a nostalgic, back-to-basics plate of comfort food makes all the difference in a stressful work week. At Recipes, savor the crispy, the succulent, the creamy, and the sour with traditional dishes like general’s chicken, crispy tilapia, lechon kawali, kare-kare, and more.

Grab a cup of energy. At Starbucks Reserve, order a cup of coffee made from specially imported beans, blended to perfection. With a warm, aromatic cup of caffeine, the work week no longer seems so daunting. These VIP branches also allow guests to choose from an exclusive array of the rarest pastries Starbucks has to offer.

Assembly Grounds at The Rise has got the ideal mix of dining options for NOMA’s thriving workforce! Gather the office gang and try one of these restaurants during the next lunch break.

For inquiries, call 8-298-8000 loc. 4 or visit www.assemblygroundsattherise.com. Follow Assembly Grounds on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter: @assemblygrounds.