Things You Will Miss If You Don't Drop by the Marikina Sapatos Festival 2019

Shoes is part of Marikina's rich culture. In fact, for 130 years it has maintained its status as the Shoe Capital of the country. Filipinos believed that shoes from this part is of good quality but also affordable. How many times have we heard the question, “gawang Marikina ba ‘yan?” Yes, Marikina shoes is the measure of good quality footwear.

One can be assured that there is always a shoe you want no matter the occasion. For the start of school year, there is a bazaar in Marikina that is a most awaited one for nine years now. Dubbed as the Balik Eskwela Gamit Sapatos Marikina Trade Fair, this bazaar aims to boost the Marikina Shoe Industry. It has become the haven for bargain-hunters, especillay for parents and students of local and nearby towns looking for durable, high-quality shoes and bags too that is being sold at very low and discounted prices.

The Hoy! Anong Ganap Team were able to visit the shoe fair in its last two weeks. As we roamed around, we gathered so many interesting tidbits about the future of Marikina Shoe industry and also of the things we missed at the 9th Balik Eskwela Gamit Sapatos Marikina Trade Fair that was held at Marikina’s Freedom Park near the City Hall, here are some of them: 

The 47 local manufacturers of footwear and leather goods who each have their own stalls at the Back to School Shoe Bazaar;

High-quality and durable shoes and bags at a discounted price, all offering almost 30 to 40 percent;

School, office and casual shoes made of synthetic and genuine leather with price ranging from as low as P300 to as high as P1,500 a pair (imagine this prices for a genuine leather!);

High quality school and office bags being sold at the trade fair from P400 to P1,800;

Quality shoes, bags and other products are for sale, most of the shoes highlighting the creativity, craftsmanship and style of local manufacturers;

Lucky Magno

Senior citizens, persons with disabilities and all national and local government employees can enjoy an exclusive 10% discount on shoes and bags.

So hurry as you still have a few days left as The Balik Eskwela Trade Fair will run until July 7. The bazaar is open from Monday to Thursday at 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM and from Friday to Sunday at 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

After going around the Bazaar, we learned that more of this kind will be held throughout the calendar year. Another good news is most of the local shoe manufacturers are planning to be more present online to catch up with the times since many are into online shopping right now.