Sophia Bianca: The Making of an International Star

A sweet, simple girl with big dreams best describes Sophia Bianca. She just turned 18 but she has already conquered the big stage. Fresh from her phenomenal success at the 2018 World Championships of the Performing Arts, Sophia Bianca has wowed the audience and the judges with her powerful performance of Jessie J's  Momma Knows Best. She brought home the Gold at the Grand Championship Level as Senior Voice Vocals.

Sophia Bianca has a passion for singing since she was little. The family loves karaoke nights and Sophia believes that it helped improved the quality of her voice. She ardently admires Alicia Keys and dreams of performing a duet with her someday.

For her 18th birthday, Sophia Bianca doesn't want a grand debut party. Instead, her lawyer parents showed their unwavering support in her passion for music by launching her first single "In Love's Eyes" composed by Grammy awardee Gerard McMann. 

Sophia Bianca is an incoming DLSU freshman student and plans to take up Communications course when she returns from her US trip this July. She will be flying to New York to perform at the 2019 WCOPA event and will  have her official video shoot. She will also play with a band in New York's Ugly Kitchen on July 24.

Sophia Bianca is #HoyAnongGanap featured artist for June. Watch her candid interview

"In Love's Eyes" is available on iTunes and Spotify.