Blue Ant Entertainment's Newest Thriller InBetween Premieres May 31

If you can assist solve mysterious cases and help the dead to find their peace, will you risk your sanity to crack the city's darkest cases? Or will you choose to be indifferent and do not acknowledge your psychic ability? That's Harriet Dyer's own demons as she plays Cassie Bedford in Blue Ant Entertainment's newest thriller The Inbetween.

Cassie was born with an exceptional gift—or curse—that empowers her to see supernatural visions and interact with the dead. With her “sixth sense,” she often battles with restless spirits seeking help in resolving their unfortunate deaths. 

With the ability to present some insight based on her dark and haunting visions, Cassie becomes Seattle Police Department's secret partner. Murder victims reach out to her from beyond their grave and all Cassie does is relate those visions to her father and veteran police detective Tom Hackett. 

Played by Paul Blackthorne, Detective Tom, on the other hand, does whatever it takes to solve Seattle’s most unusual cases before the tracks run cold. And this has been how they solve some of the most challenging murder cases through supernatural means.

Aside from battling her own demons, Cassie needs to face Justin Cornwell's skeptical reception to her physic abilities. Played by Damien Asante, Justin is a former FBI Agent and Detective Hacket's new work partner. 

More than helping solve some of Seattle's gruesome murder cases, Cassie is left to convince Justin that her skills are real. But will she continue to use her abilities or hesitate to help as complications to the unhappy dead surface? 

Catch The InBetween every Friday, 10:35PM, starting May 31, express from the U.S. Available on SKYcable channels 53 (SD) and 196 (HD), The InBetween is America's newest drama series brought to us by Blue Ant Entertainment. It is also available on SKYdirect channel 35, Cignal channel 120, and Cablelink channel 37.

Again, enter the unknown in the new American drama series The InBetween. It will premiere on May 31 at 10:35PM express from the U.S.

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